Half way home

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I haven’t written in a while because of the long walks or late days. I have been going 15miles to 25 miles a day getting into the villages late with only the time to celebrate mass and wash up and eat before lights out at 10:00(sometimes 9:00because people so worn out that they turn the lights out early). It is interesting the people are new now on this section of the Camino. The people I began with some Irish or Italian, many have left only to do another section next year. A new group began after the city of Burgos and are starting another section or starting a shorter part of the Camino. I have talked with many pilgrims and so many people are searching for something that they cannot even explain themselves but they are searching. I have been offering masses for friends and family along the way and now I begin to see the needs of the many pilgrims lost along the way searching for someway in life searching for the peace of God. Pray for the pilgrim and all seeking that they may find God and the way.

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