Following the signs

Written by Admin on . Posted in El Camino de Santiago

We begin most days before sun rise, so we walk in darkness relying on head lamps and yellow arrows to point the way. I was beginning an early morning leaving a village about 7am. The signs were very few leaving the city, but we walked with great zeal heading for the next part of our journey. We came to a crossroad with no signage or poor signage. We decided to keep going in the same direction thinking we will see a sign farther a long. Finally we came to dead end with roads going left or right without any noticeable sign. The group I was walking with split into two groups one going left the other going right. I choose the left,(which is never a good choice) my group was fast and making good time. But, I came to realize we were going away from our destination instead of towards it. I stopped,turned around and told the group and I a lone proceeded to cross two open fields off the path straight for the city and I found my way.
I can not help but think of our journey toward heaven. Sometimes we loose our way and we can keep going in the wrong direction. We may even be following others in the wrong direction. But no matter how fast we go or many people are going in that direction it still is the wrong way. So we have to stop, find the best way and imageimageget back on track, even if no one follows us.

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