Policies and Procedures


Faith-Based Program

  1. AMC expresses and promotes Catholic beliefs and teachings, including regular prayer, mass, and shared reflections during its activities. 
  2. AMC is an independent, non-profit organization not legally affiliated with the Catholic Church, any diocese, school or other entity. 
  3. Participants are encouraged to dialogue and share their faith during AMC activities. 
  4. Participants whose conduct compromises AMC’s policies and activities, in the sole discretion of AMC, may be removed from the activity without refund. 

Safe Environment

  1. Adventure Mission Corps (AMC) adheres to the Archdiocese of Atlanta Safe Environment policies.  AMC is not affiliated with the Archdiocese of Atlanta in any formal capacity.  However, many of its founders and managers are active members of the church in Atlanta and therefore voluntarily follow the guidelines set forth by the archdiocese for safe environment. (website)
  2. AMC is an independent, non-profit organization that supports, promotes, and adheres to Catholic teaching.
  3. AMC mission Leaders are trained on the archdiocese’ policies, and must be approved before leading and/or chaperoning a mission or activity.  Each mission leader voluntarily complies with the Safe Environment standards of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, including fingerprinting and background checks.  When AMC partners with other organizations, such as Wyoming Catholic College, it requires similar approvals from those organizations, based on their local diocesan standards and AMC’s requirements. 
  4. Male and Female participants on AMC activities are provided with separate accommodations and gender-specific group leaders.  In the event gender-specific leaders are not available, the corresponding group’s participation will be cancelled.  Mountaineering and camp activities of differing gender groups may be conducted simultaneously but with different camp sites.  Male camp sites will be monitored by male leaders; female camp sites will be monitored by female leaders.

Risk Mitigation

AMC provides services, experiences, and equipment to facilitate Rafting, Boating, Rock Climbing/Rappelling, Horseback Riding, Mountain Climbing/Hiking, Outdoor Camping, Skiing, Fishing, and other related outdoor recreational and wilderness activities that vary from time to time.  These activities are vigorous and inherently risky by their nature.  AMC strives to mitigate these risks as much as possible, but does NOT guarantee or ensure safety.  All participates are required to read and sign a Candidate Enrollment Application & Waiver (CAEW) form before acceptance into its programs. 

AMC strives to mitigate risks by, but not limited to, the following policies:

  1. Participants (Candidates) under the age of 18 must have written parental consent.
  2. If physical condition of Participant is deemed unsafe, Participant will be removed from certain activities.
  3. If the actions of any Participant are deemed unsafe to self or others, Participant will be removed from certain activities.
  4. If weather is forecast to be a significant threat to safety, wilderness excursions will be either cancelled or rescheduled, without regard to fees or refunds. 
  5. If unforeseen weather conditions present a threat to safety during a wilderness excursion, best efforts will be made by trained leaders to seek shelter until conditions improve. 
  6. AMC leaders will be equipped with satellite gps signaling devices, when available, to reach emergency responders during wilderness excursions. 
  7. AMC leaders are trained in basic wilderness survival and first aid. AMC leaders are NOT medical experts.  Participants are briefed on basic survival and first aid techniques prior to wilderness activities. 
  8. On wilderness excursions, the entire group remains together.  If an injury prevents one participant from continuing, all will return to base camp with that participant to seek help, and the event may be terminated. 
  9. Wilderness excursions are permitted with local authorities, with record of intended path, camp sites, and duration of excursion. Other non-participating members are briefed with the same information, and instructed on search & rescue procedures should a group not return when scheduled. 

10. Equipment normally associated with safety in various outdoor activities, such as life jackets for water activities, are required.  Participants rejecting use of safety equipment are removed from the activity.

11. Participants are required to disclose medical and allergy conditions before participating in AMC activities.

Personal Property and Media

  1. AMC does NOT provide for or ensure the safety of personal belongings of participants in its activities.  Personal belongings may be lost, damaged, or stolen while participating in AMC activities.  Each participant is solely and personally responsible for their belongings.
  2. AMC documents its activities and participants with photographs, images, recordings, and other media for promotional purposes.  All such photographs, images, and recordings of participants while engaged in AMC activities are solely and exclusively the property of AMC, and may be used for promotional purposes at AMC’s sole discretion. 

Payments & Fees

  1. Initial deposits are due with application to reserve candidate position.  Deposits are used to secure reservations, lodging, and permits.  The amount varies by mission.  Refunds may be issued only if the position is filled by another paying candidate
  2. In the event an activity is terminated or cancelled in advance by AMC, all fees will be returned.
  3. In the event risky or unsafe weather conditions alter a planned activity, AMC will make best efforts to reschedule the event.  If rescheduling is not possible, AMC will refund all unused/uncommitted enrollment fees.
  4. In the event weather or park permits cause a change in itinerary, the mission will continue with an adaptive schedule to the best of our ability.  No refunds will be issued for changes in the mission itinerary.
  5. Scholarships are available based on need.  To apply, please email info@adventuremissioncorps.com.


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