2017 – Utah Wyoming Father/Son 1

Overview Brochure


A Father/Son Adventure based in Utah/Wyoming from June 24 - July 5.  This Mission is to introduce young men to authentic leadership concepts through wilderness experience and team interaction.

Candidates will receive abridged classroom and field training in Wilderness Survival, First Aid, Navigation, Mountaineering, and Horsemanship prior to a 4-day rugged excursion through the Wyoming mountain ranges, culminating in a Peak Ascent by foot.  They are expected to participate, pray, play, and persevere.  Candidates should be age 8+ and accompanied by their Father or elder male family member; they should be able to endure the physical rigors of extended outdoor activity and climate changes, and be open to discussing and sharing their faith in a Catholic environment of daily mass & reflection. 

Upon conclusion of the mission, successful candidates will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and Virtue Badges, with personal references for resumes.  Exemplary performance will be honored with an invitation to return to future missions to take on more leadership roles, and when of age, to volunteer as a Mission Captain. 

Adventure Mission Corps, Inc. is an independent 501(c) 3 entity, located in Atlanta, Ga. This adventure is a partnership with Wyoming Catholic College.


Application & Enrollment

To Enroll in this Mission, complete the online Application AND submit the Candidate Enrollment Application and Waiver (CEAW) .

Applications are evaluated in chronological order of submission. This Mission will accept only 4 Father-Son teams.  Approved teams will be notified and their positions reserved for 15 days until receipt of Mission Fee. Failure to submit Mission Fee may forfeit position in the event of over-subscription.  


Salt Lake City, UT

Lander, WY

Wind River Range, WY

Trip Leaders/Profiles

Robert Donner - Mission Trainer (Age 46) Atlanta, GA
Experience: 15 overseas missions, youth programs

Arturo Merriman - Mission Captain 
(Age 25) Atlanta, GA 
Experience:  2014 Peer Leader, 2016 YA Mission Captain, 7 mission trips
2015 UGA graduate

Fr. Paul Moreau - Chaplain 
(Age 43) Athens, GA
Experience: global mission trips, youth programs & chaplain


Deployment June 24, 2017

  • Depart Atlanta Hartsfield Airport / Arrive Salt Lake City International Airport
  • Backcountry and river canoeing preparation

River Expedition June 25-June 26

Each Father / Son team will rotate through spiritual and tactical leadership roles during 2 day/1 night river canoeing.

  • Fly fishing upon river banks at dawn

Front Country June 27-28

Training will include a combination of indoor/outdoor classrooms, actual field excursions, and daily Mass, prayers and reflections.  Training will be provided in subjects needed for the intended Peak Ascent Mission. 
During training, field excursions will provide tactical experiences with the following:

  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Navigation / Mapping

Back Country June 29-July 2

Spiritual and tactical leadership continues from River Expedition during a 3 day/2 night foot-hike through the Wind River Range.   Group will make a 3:00 AM peak attempt from base camp. All gear and supplies provided. 

Bike Expedition July 3

  • Mountain biking through Wind River Range 

A Wyoming 4th of July

This 4th celebration emboldens the patriotic heart with Lander’s biggest parade of the year celebrating the native and frontier spirit. A town wide picnic followed by a battle worthy firework display will culminate with the West’s oldest rodeo.

Departure & Return July 5

  • Debriefing, Farewell Blessing 
  • Depart Salt Lake City,UT airport

Skills and Take-aways

Upon completion of the course, Candidates will have been exposed to tactical outdoor skills, leadership experience, and prayerful reflection.

Outdoor skills training will provide Candidates with practical experience in areas of mountaineering, hiking, canoeing, fly fishing, mountain survival, and more. They will leave with an exposure to each discipline and a knowledge of areas they'd like to pursue further.

Each Candidate will have lived in both spiritual and tactical leadership roles. They will have been depended upon by their company to discern and take action, and their personal examples will have been followed by others. They will have reflected on sacred scripture and lead discussions that impacted others.

What to Bring

Physical Training:
Candidates should be prepared for extended outdoor activity in high altitudes, with warm days and cold nights. Preparation could include completing 4-hour hikes with 15-20 lb backpacks, 1-2-mile jogs.

hiking boots, socks, shorts, T-shirts, long-sleve shirts, knit hat, gloves, swim shorts, hiking pants, light jacket, sweatshirt, rain poncho.

Bible, Rosary, toiletry kit, pocket knife, compass. Backpack & sleeping bag optional – these and other equipment will be provided if needed.

personal cell phones are allowed during travel, but will not be operable during the Back Country. Telephone access will be limited or non-existent at times. Laptops, music players, and other computer or entertainment devices are not permitted.

during the Mission, Candidates will share lodging in hotels, tents, dorm rooms, and outdoors. Prepare appropriately.

trip cost covers all travel, lodging, and planned activities other than personal shopping, food & beverages during travel to/from Wyoming. Recommend each Candidate carry $200 for personal means.

weapons (other than pocket knife for camping), drugs, smoking paraphernalia, alcohol, illicit or scandalous literature/media will not be tolerated. Candidates in possession of any of these materials will be immediately removed from the Mission.

Program Cost

Mission Fee : donations, starting @ $4,000/Father-Son team. $1k each additional child 

  • This covers all Mission expenses except airfare
  • Deposit of $800 to reserve space
  •  All Mission Fees shall be submitted with the Candidate Enrollment Application and Waiver, payable to Adventure Mission Corps, Inc.
  • Alternatively, pay Mission Fees online through our PayPal service (once you've received the Acceptance Letter)


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