The final push

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I have been walking with a friend named Francisco from the beginning. He is like walking with the tortoise. He is very slow but consistent,mostly walking the 19 to 24 kilometers a day. I am mostly walking about an hour a head of him always but the last section of the Camino. We begin to walk the last two sections and he does not stop. We walk 25 kilometers and he says lets go farther. We keep walking another 23kilometers, till we arrive in Santiago. He said he felt God was driving him forward. He would often say I was so driving him.0
This last sections was very hard but it was as we began, but with the great relief of walking into the church of Saint James and being able kneel at the crypt. We woke up the next morning overwhelmed that we walked 48 kilometers and the Camino was completed 33 days and 500 miles. The question we asked our selves was, where did the time go?. We have walked for 33 days 500 miles in wind and rain, over mountain and across prairies, through small villages and great cities. The Camino is truly like life. We begin life never truly thinking of the end but knowing it will end. The thing we must learn is, like the Camino we must not forget to see God around us in everything and to truly relish the gift He gives us. He is present in everything and everyone and if we forget to see him and to talk to him and about him we truly miss the great journey we are on. May God lead us always on our journey.

The way

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Iam now in my seventh day and more and more you can feel the journey to heaven. The way is full from people from every nation from Korea to turkey. The call is for people to find there way to God. They speak of the spiritual path or the calling to make the journey but is that not God calling to us all to come to seek him. I have found people who have lost their faith others seeking something. Today I talked to a women who lost her faith and found me on an lonely path for more than two hours. Was it not God who placed us on the path? I can see the hand of God ever present in this pilgrimage calling to his people. A people lost like sheep without a shepherd.

Second day

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It was difficult the first day. Like the spiritual life the first are the hardest. Sometimes the path seems impossible but if we keep going we are rewarded with great gifts. It rained hard the first day and as we crossed the border into Spain it seemed as if you are walking in to heaven nothing but clouds and site was only 30 feet.

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