Honors and Awards are peer-selected upon completion of each mission.

The following describe each award and the respective recipients:


St. John Paul II Award

For the candidate that best exhibits an integrated, balanced, and natural spiritual life, with a sincere appreciation for the teachings of the Catholic Church.  He enjoys outdoor life, connects the experience with his faith, and easily befriends other members.  He does not call attention to himself.  This candidate was most knowledgeable of his peers on an intimate level and exhibited the virtue of humility.

  • Wyoming 2014 Recipient:  Nicolas Bernal
  • Wyoming 2016 Recipient:  Santiago Villar


Blessed Frassati Award

For the candidate who consistently focused on the well-being of others and demonstrated an authentic concern for their needs.  He was more attentive to others’ needs than his own.  When in a leadership position, he focused on the needs of those he led rather than simply completing the task.  This candidate was most observed sacrificing for others and exhibiting the virtue of gratitude.

  • Wyoming 2014 Recipient:  Matt Beatty
  • Wyoming 2016 Recipient:  Joey Ilada


Meriwether Lewis Award

For the candidate that best exhibited physical leadership in the wilderness, and inspired others to persevere through hardships/obstacles.  He maintained a positive, joyful attitude, and encouraged others by example to push themselves.  He rose early, was ready on time, and acquired new tactical skills as taught.  This candidate demonstrated a strong physical endurance, exhibiting the virtue of fortitude.

  • Wyoming 2014 Recipient:  Kyle Winkler
  • Wyoming 2016 Recipient:  Micheal Denkman


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